After School Climbing Program

After School Climbing Program 2018

In partnership with the United Way of South Central Idaho, Gemstone Climbing Center
seeks to join and contribute to the Community Schools model by
introducing climbing to youth as a lifelong sport that supports mental and physical wellness.
Key Elements of the climbing curriculum that support the Community School strategy:
- Supports cognitive abilities, coordination, and commitment needed to
succeed academically
- Life-oriented sport that encourages an ongoing process of personal growth
and development
- Induces states of flow and concentration which stimulates creativity
- Cultivates the development of a personal definition of success
- Strengthens critical thinking, mindfulness, and goal setting skills

If you would like to support the After School Climbing Program please CLICK HERE

For additional information you can call:
Gemstone Climbing Center 208.329.7257
United Way of South Central Idaho 208.733.4922