Born Learning Trails


“Education.”  Many of us automatically think “school” when we hear that word. But learning happens everywhere, especially for young children.  And in our effort to cut the number of high school drop outs in half, United Way supports early childhood learning in diverse ways: through reading programs, book drives of course, but also in parks and on playgrounds.

That’s right – learn while playing.  United Way’s engagement campaign, helps parents, caregivers and communities use everyday moments outdoors to boost school readiness of children in their preschool years.  The quality of children’s early learning experiences is critical to success in school and consequently, in life. Perhaps the most visible components of this campaign is the Born Learning Trail.  The trail features age-appropriate, simple-to-construct activities that can be set up outdoors or inside.  Ten games on engaging signs that are placed along the trail help parents and caregivers create many growth opportunities for young children.

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