Community Schools


Community Schools are aspirational neighborhoods committed to the success of children from cradle to career. Partners align their work in neighborhoods of greatest need to address challenges and develop lasting solutions. Each neighborhood strives to mobilize its unique assets such as people, businesses, programs, services, resources and public policy to improve the lives of those living and learning in the community.  

"Community School" is one strategy of Promise Partnerships. Community schools leverage local partnerships and resource to provide comprehensive supports for children, their families, and neighbors at schools. They are not only a place, but a way of doing business through community outreach, programming, and data sharing between the school and community partners. Services are tailored to meet the needs of the local community as well as being aligned to support academic outcomes. 

United Way of South Central Idaho is embracing the Community Schools model, bringing together nonprofit organizations, health and educational services, school districts and volunteers to enhance the availability of resources in locations and neighborhoods of high need.