Impact Grants

Thank you so much for your patience at this time of transistion. We have put incredible effort in restructuring this process to be more effective and efficient for all.

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United Way Board of Directors




What is a Community Impact Grant?

A United Way Community Impact Grant helps our community program and service agencies Change the Odds for children and families in our community have an opportunity for a better life. Local organizations are given financial support to target root causes and find solutions to community needs.

Our goal is to align funding, volunteers, local agencies, government and grants with programs that work. Our donors expect their dollars to measurably improve the quality of people’s lives and build stronger communities. United Way is aligning its resources to goals targeted at positively changing community conditions.

United Way is recognized as a community leader that:

  • Identifies and builds on community strengths and assets
  • Helps individuals and groups with specific community interests find ways to contribute their time and talents
  • Supports programs and agencies that provide direct services to help individuals and families
  • Advocates for public policy that improves community conditions

We are encouraging local organizations to work collaboratively towards addressing root causes, and finding solutions to those community needs. 

Who can apply for funding through the Community Fund?

 Agencies wishing to apply for funding must meet the following criteria:

1. Program has and ephasis in Education, Health and Financial Stability in South Central Idaho

2. Be certified by the IRS as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization

3. Meets the UWSCID's non-discrimination policy and has a similar non-discrimination policy


Senior Centers will fall under the same guidlines as mentioned above.

NON-DISCRIMINATION STATEMENT: The United Way shall conform to the requirements of any governmental body that regulates activities in the areas of nondiscriminatory practices regarding employment of persons and provisions of service to clients.