The Power of Volunteerism

Here is a story from one of the children who were helped by CASA… “Growing up in foster care I had more moms and dads than I can count. It was very hard being a nine year old girl growing up in the system. I am seventeen years old, and I grew up being sexually, physically and mentally abused. I also had drug and alcohol addictions around me as a child. I was abandoned by my mother and family. Children’s families are normally supposed to be there for them as the child grows up. I didn’t have that.  Over the next six years I had a very hard time with everything going on in my life. I have been in 15 foster homes, 4 institutions and 3 failed adoptions. I was a sad, hurt girl who was very lost in her life, going through life feeling numb. I didn’t care what happened or where I ended up. I felt like I would never be anything.

After long hours of crying and five years of continuous counseling and a lot of support from my CASA volunteer, I saw the light. In retrospect, I look back on all the horrible things that have happened to me and always wonder why? But I know why God wants me to help others; he just doesn’t put people through the kind of pain without having a plan. I am not that sad hurt girl who had no plan for her life anymore. I want to go to college for social work to help all the kids who are in my shoes. To show them that people care and they are not the only ones. So as I get older I continue to do my best, to be the best girl I can and not let my past hold me back from achieving my dreams.”